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Knocknagin Primary School, Desertmartin

Eco-council meeting encourages change!

26th Nov 2018

The Eco-council have been very busy saving energy and taking action for change. We have decided to look at 3 areas this year for improving our school. We will look at Energy, Water and Our School Grounds. So far this year we have made important changes, in school & at home. We gained an energy saving certificate for taking 4 small actions that make a big difference in school and at home. We make sure to turn off the tap as we brush our teeth, to turn off lights when we’re not using them, to turn plugs off at the wall and in school we turned our thermostat down from 75 to 60c. We also asked for help from our Caretaker, Eugene, who placed water saving bags into the toilet cistern saving water every time we flush. Recently we made a start improving our garden space for outdoor learning by planting a new hedge, daffodils and tulips. Well done Eco-council and everyone at Knocknagin!